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It was something like falling in love.

Body Awake.

Senses hightened.

Hearts racing.

Each song connects us to each other.

Each song connects to ourselves.

We twirl into an uncharted depth; there is no fear because we have been treading water for so long.

Growing anticipation.

Big questions.

Let's take a flying leap into the darkness and feel the exhilaration in our blood.

Each song asks new questions; let us wait for our body's response before we think it to death.

Each beat calibrating my heart, every rhythm accepting the parts of myself I'm meeting along the way.

All of those broken pieces that I am ashamed of, the parts I try to polish or hide, I invited to dance instead of asking to stay hidden.

The scared four-year-old who was adjusting to having a colicky baby brother.

The anxious 5th grader who was bullied by her childhood best friend for playing with Barbies for a bit too long.

The frozen middle-schooler- hoping and praying that somehow I could blend into the background.

The angsty teen, the budding feminist whose heart was broken by the world when it told her she wasn't as good as a boy.

The Tired mom, wife, sister, and daughter.

The artist,

The human.

We danced together, entangled in one another, all of these pieces that make a whole. Let us open our eyes and see this beautiful display of humanity unfolding. Fellow glowing dancers meeting their unfamiliar parts, all held firmly in love. In the darkness, surrounded by fellow glowing dancers, there is enough space for us all. In the darkness, I fell in love with my whole self, maybe for the first time.

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