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Back to the Soup-Art for Cause

I met Bill very early on my journey as a seeker. I was sitting around a campfire with a group of fellow seekers, just listening to the conversations as they happened around me. Words like soul family, oneness, and reincarnation were being used all around me; all slightly out of the grasp of my understanding. Someone asked, "hey, what do you guys think about reincarnation?" and that's when I first heard Bill's theory on "The Soup."

I will never be able to articulate it as well as Bill did that night, but the idea was that we all belong to the same soup. Bill said we are all souls having a human experience, but when that's over, it's back to the soup we go. It was the first time that the idea of reincarnation clicked for me, and was my entry into quite a journey.

On Wednesday, November 23rd, 2022, Bill returned to the soup, leaving a very large network of family and friends shocked and devastated. Bill was the definition of a true friend, he loved and supported his people with all that he had. Starting a new business? Bill was there, asking how to help support you. Started teaching a new class you were nervous about? Bill was one of the first to get there and made sure to tell you how much he loved it. When Bill saw a need, he tried his very best to fill it, always engaged in acts of service for his community. Bill was involved with numerous non-profits, working hard and showing up to the causes that were near and dear to his heart.

Bill's death was a wake-up call to me. Am I doing enough to support my people? Am I doing enough for the causes I feel passionate about? The answer: no, and I would be willing to bet that many of us are not. In honor of Bill, I've decided that all profits for "back to the soup" will be donated to one of the three non-profits Bill was passionate about. You can find out more about these non-profits here:

Meals on Wheels of Salem County:

Inside Recovery Club

Seeds of Love Yoga

Moving forward, look for "Are For Cause" banner items in the shop, all profits will be donated to charities and non-profits I feel passionately about. When it is time for me to rejoin the soup, I want to know I did everything in my power to show up for my people, and I fought as hard as I could to make a difference in this world. How about you?

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