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Into the Wilderness- A Series

Brave One,

Do not be scared of going into the wilderness alone. The time spent among the forrest will teach you who you are. Nature will lend you her calm, and in this tranquility you will finally have space to breathe.

"Into the Wilderness" Watercolor and Ink on watercolor paper. 11"x14"

Embrace the darkness, for this is when you will light the fire that lives within.

"Light the Fire Within" Watercolor and Ink on watercolor paper. 11"x14"

Some women fear the fire. But not you; you will become it. You will emerge a warrior.

"Fire Warrior" Watercolor and ink on watercolor paper. 11"x14"

The paintings in this post were part of a custom order, and are not for sale. To inquire about a custom painting, please email

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